Version History

September 22, 2011 1.41.0575Major Update

This update is a minor maintenance update with some performance improvements and bug fixes.

Functional Updates:

  • Improved performance. Performance is improved in some use case scenarios when a large number of e-mails is generated.
  • Minor text corrections were made in Options dialog.

Fixed Issues:

  • In some cases contacts created by third-party software could not be added to Distribution List.
  • The option to remove the flag automatically when the e-mail is sent from the Drafts folder is now enabled by default.
  • In some scenarios the Welcome Screen dialog would hide beneath the main Outlook dialog and become inaccessible.

Dezember 18, 20091.40.0568Major Update

Functional Updates:
  • Support of Windows 7 and Outlook 2010. The Product was tested on Windows 7 and updated to support Outlook 2010 already. A new separate tab now appears in Outlook 2010
  • The performance of generating a new e-mail message has been improved
Fixed Issues:
  • Incorrect recipients were retrieved from e-mails sent on behalf of other recipients
  • The Application would crash in some cases when creating a new distribution list
  • The "Please wait" message would sometimes stay on the screen for a long time during creation of e-mails with numerous recipients
  • In some cases the application menu would not appear in the folder context (right-click) menu
  • The Application toolbar and menu would not appear if more than one Outlook window is open
  • The notification dialog text about an attempt to add numerous recipients to a new distribution list has been corrected

Oktober 17, 20081.31.0560 Major Update

  • German and French language support added. Product was translated and fully tested with German and French editions of Windows and Outlook.
  • The "Please wait" message is now added when processing e-mail addresses and creating e-mail messages
Fixed Issues:
  • The new e-mail message window would go into the "not responding" state in some cases when trying to insert one of the field parameters into the message text by clicking the Send2 toolbar button because of another Outlook options window that is open below the new e-mail window
  • In some cases Send2 would not add all, or each time would add different number of recipients into a new e-mail message or distribution list
  • Images inside an e-mail message would not be shown for the recipients
  • When trying to send an HTML formatted e-mail to a list ( the "send separately" option), the graphics would not appear inline, but at the bottom of the page
  • The "Nickname" parameter would not extract into the message
  • Some minor issues with installation fixed

Juli 10, 20071.30.0552Major Update

  • Splitting recipient list when sending e-mail to large number of contacts. Now you can split your e-mails and send them as separate e-mails.
  • Microsoft Windows Vista is now fully supported
  • New convenient toolbar is now available for Outlook 2007 users
  • Ability to create new distribution list from the current folder is now added into Outlook "Actions -> Send2" menu
  • "Please wait" message now appears for the long operations after clicking on "Send" button
  • Trial limitations are changed to 20 runs and 10 items per try
Fixed Issues:
  • Fixed several issues with incomplete list of recipients retrieved from folders in some cases

Mai 16, 20071.21.0501Major Update

  • Added ability to divide e-mails into small group (Split recipient list when sending option)
  • Support for Windows Vista and Microsoft Outlook 2007
  • Remove duplicate recipients email addresses
  • Exctract addresses from CC, BCC field (Send Items)

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