4Team Online Update

Aug 28, 2004

  • Preview Pane
    Use "Preview Pane" just like in Microsoft Outlook to quickly review your task, appointment or other item. Use the "Preview Pane" button at the top menu bar to open/close this preview window. You can also adjust the size of preview pane by dragging it with your mouse, or by clicking  the  "maximize/minimize" button.
  • Copy or Move Any Item
    You can now copy or move any item from one project to another. Select the items you want to move by selecting the checkboxes on the right, then click  the "Copy/Move…" button and select the name of the project.
  • Customizable View of Your Dashboard
    Now you have the ability to customize your dashboard by moving and resizing windows using your mouse, just like you do it with any window in your system. To enable such customization, click on the arrow symbol on the right -hand side of "My Dashboard" screen, or visit  the "Customize Dashboard" page and select "Enable windows modification mode".
  • Completed Task Window in "My Dashboard"
     You can now review recently completed tasks by enabling the "Completed Task" window on  the "Customize Dashboard" page.
  • Sort Contacts by First or Last Name
     You can  now sort your contacts in projects by First or Last name separately
  • Enlarging Notes Area in Items
    You can now use the "maximize/minimize" button inside any item to enlarge  the notes area for more convenient viewing/editing.
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