Send2 important update published

Oct 17, 2008

  • German and French language support added. Product was translated and fully tested with German and French editions of Windows and Outlook.
  • The "Please wait" message is now added when processing e-mail addresses and creating e-mail messages

  • Fixed Issues:
  • The new e-mail message window would go into the "not responding" state in some cases when trying to insert one of the field parameters into the message text by clicking the Send2 toolbar button because of another Outlook options window that is open below the new e-mail window
  • In some cases Send2 would not add all, or each time would add different number of recipients into a new e-mail message or distribution list
  • Images inside an e-mail message would not be shown for the recipients
  • When trying to send an HTML formatted e-mail to a list ( the "send separately" option), the graphics would not appear inline, but at the bottom of the page
  • The "Nickname" parameter would not extract into the message
  • Some minor issues with installation fixed
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