new Sync2 upgrade (FTP Sharing Service, FTP First Sync Improved) released

Dec 9, 2008

This update in general significantly improves the FTP synchronization functionality. A completely re-developed the folder first synchronization - one file is now used to compress and upload all data to the FTP location, which dramatically increases the speed of first synchronization for folders with large number of items. 4Team FTP Sharing Service was added for "quick start". It allows to synchronize folders via the Internet. Many issues were fixed in this update, related to duplicate management, FTP synchronization and application general stability.
  • 4Team FTP Sharing Service added. You can now use our FTP Sharing Service without having to set up your own FTP server. Just create your FTP Sharing Service account using your e-mail address and password, and start synchronizing your Outlook folders.
  • Improved FTP synchronization speed. The updated synchronization algorithm allows you to start synchronization of your Outlook folders through FTP and our FTP Sharing Service significantly faster.
  • Improved duplicate search process. Now duplicates are only detected between arrived and already existing items in Outlook.
  • Faster process of application start-up and profiles loading. Now Sync2 loads profiles faster, and shows splash screen while loading.

    Bugs Fixed
  • It was not possible to select a folder and adjust its synchronization filters in the advanced section of the new profile creation wizard
  • A newly created Contacts type folder in Outlook was not visible in Outlook Address Book
  • The "Keep local item" option is now suggested by default in the duplicate notification form instead of "Replace Local item", allowing to keep the local copy of the item without updating it
  • When more than 1 duplicate is detected, the "Apply for all duplicates" checkbox was disabled, and the duplicate notification form would be shown many times for each duplicate pair
  • Appointments were shown with an incorrect time in Google Calendar for some specific time zone regions
  • When synchronizing Google Calendar with Outlook 2000, appointments with empty fields would appear
  • Sync2 would not start completely, or synchronization would not work correctly on Windows user accounts, when Sync2 was installed on the other user account on the current computer
  • When several items are marked with flags, not all flags would appear on other computers for these items
  • On some Windows Vista systems if Sync2 was already running, clicking on Sync2 shortcut would run another instance of the program instead of opening the current Sync2 main window
  • Sync2 synchronization would fail, and/or folders would not be shown in profile settings, if there is a manual logon to an Exchange profile. Now, the logon form will be displayed during each attempt to synchronize this profile or show a folder structure
  • Synchronization would fail, if PST file was moved to another location
  • The drop-down list with folder association types in the new Google Calendar profile wizard was shown incorrectly on Windows 2000 systems
  • The currently selected folder path was shown with numbers in the "Create New Folder" dialog
  • Sometimes the Sync2 process would not close during the installation of a new Sync2 version
  • The "Stop" button is now disabled for FTP profiles, because synchronization with FTP locations currently does not support cancellation

  • Re-activation will be required when upgrading from version 1.25 or older
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