Sync2 version 1.41 was published recently on our website.

févr. 20, 2008

Updates Include:
  • German and French language support added. The Product was fully tested with German and French editions of Windows and Outlook.
  • Default Outlook folders synchronization between different language systems is now correctly supported
  • Shortcut has been added to the Windows "Start -> Programs" menu with the ability to select product language

  • Bugs Fixed
  • In some cases items would be deleted in Outlook on some of the synchronized PCs if they are filtered according to sync filters
  • The Root folder on a disk could not be selected in the new sync profile creation wizard
  • The New folder button could not be used to create a new folder in the root FTP folder when selecting an FTP profile location in the new sync profile creation wizard
  • On PCs connected to an already existing profile, its path in Profile Settings would be shown incorrectly
  • The system would crash when resolving conflicts in the detailed conflict resolution form
  • In some cases, the folder that was removed from the synchronization profile would unexpectedly appear again after synchronization on another PC
  • Several issues fixed that occurred after a folder was removed from the synchronization profile, and then added back again
  • The system would crash on Windows Vista when searching for duplicates during synchronization
  • The Synchronization schedule pattern selected in wizard would not be applied when connecting a new PC to the already existing sync profile
  • Some other unexpected crashes that occurred during synchronization have been fixed
  • Some issues with specific items that would not synchronize have been resolved.
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