Sendlater software upgraded

oct. 9, 2008

SendLater ver. 2.11.0713
In general, this update now provides functionality to use standard Outlook sending feature (functionality that was lost after updating from 2.04 to 2.10).
Other included updates and fixes:
Functional Updates Added
  • "Use MS Outlook on Your PC Only" Mode Added. If you dont want to use SendLater feature that sends e-mails even when Outlook is not running, you can switch it off in settings and make SendLater use standard Outlook sending functionality (but in this case only when Outlook is running).
  • Ability to Choose Sending E-mail Account For Each E-mail Added. Now you can choose which mail account should be used when sending e-mail message using standard Outlook account selection list in new e-mail window, and SendLater will use that account when sending it (in "Use mail server directly" mode only).

  • Issues Fixed:
  • Notification message about our advertisement text at the end of e-mail message due to trial version would appear when creating new scheduled e-mail, even when application is already activated
  • Now Exchange outgoing mail account is supported (in "Outlook only" mode)

  • SendLater version 2.10.0708 Functional Updates
  • SendLater now sends e-mails without Outlook. SendLater now uses its own sending component. This feature allows sending e-mail even when Outlook is not running. Just provide your SMTP account password during the first SendLater start, and you are ready to send messages without Outlook.
  • New improved interface. The tabs have been changed to wizard-like interface, when you send e-mail using the SendLater functionality. Some functional improvements also added to each wizard step.
  • Improved recurrence sending pattern. New custom options have been added for recurrent sending, such as an exact list of time intervals when the message should be sent.
  • Additional "split sending" mode options added. You can now specify the bulk of e-mails and the time interval for the split e-mail sending.
  • "Send Now" feature now allows you to send e-mails from the Internet pages "mailto:" links, Office or other programs right away, without opening Outlook
  • Other minor functional updates included

  • Issues Fixed
  • When using "DocTrack" with the "only modified files" option enabled, the modified files in some cases would not be sent
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