New Easy2Add now support Contacts and Notes (paid version only)

déc. 1, 2008

Functional Updates
  • Contacts are now supported. You can enter contact name, e-mail and phone in the same text line, and the appropriate contact will be created. Also, if you already have this contact in your Outlook, it will be updated with the information that was entered.
  • Notes are now supported. When you enter any text as a note, it will be added to your Outlook Notes folder.

  • Other Issues
  • The free product version now only supports appointments, all other types of items are supported by the full version only
  • Full functionality can be tested during a 14-day trial period, then the product switches automatically to the “free” mode, until activated
  • Trial installation includes only the free version of Vista Gadget, that supports appointments only. The Full gadget is now available only after the full product version is purchased
  • The full product version is now without any limitations and advertisements.
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