New ShareOutlook update

Mrz 5, 2004

We are happy to introduce our new updated 1.2.32 version of ShareOutlook.
New features and additions in this Update:
· Tested on Microsoft Outlook 2003. Experience ShareOutlook astonishing functionality with Microsofts new version of Outlook and Office.
· Improved synchronization. Synchronization functionality is now improved, program tested in many known situations, problems fixed.
· Improved stability on low-performance computers. Process of sending & receiving updates is now more stable. Large amount of data is now separated into several emails to keep Outlook from crashes due to memory loss/insufficiency.
· Ability to automatically filter birthdays, anniversaries & holidays in Calendar.
· The "Resend all items" button in Management Panel. You can now re-send all items to a selected member with one click of the button in Management Panel.
· Improved sharing of items that use custom Outlook forms. Many problems and situations were analyzed and corrected to improve sharing of items that use custom forms.
· Problems with sharing of recurrent items.
· Sending of unnecessary updates when using the "Mark All As Read" button.
· Duplication of members in the list of sharers.
· "Send and Receive All" in ShareOutlook menu in Outlook 2003
· "do not send my comments" now is disabled by default.
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