Important update v.2.60 of ShareO, ShareCalendar, ShareContacts is available for download

Jan 5, 2007

Whats New:
  • Improved Sharing Invitation Form
  • Changed Calendar and Tasks Re-send Filters.
  • Ability to Temporarily Cancel Sharing of a Folder or Deactivate Folder Sharing.
  • Ability to Disable Sharing Completely.
  • Improved Duplicate Management Functionality.
  • Ability to Automatically Add Custom Text Into Subject of Update E-mails.
  • Re-designed General tab.
  • Adapted for Outlook 2007.
  • Added Ability to Add Contacts From Distribution Lists.

  • Fixed Problem
  • When a shared folder was deleted, items could not be shared again in a new folder in some cases
  • A file deleted in the synchronized document folder would arrive back to the user who deleted it
  • The Re-configure to Other Folder... button was not available in the ShareCalendar and ShareContacts previous versions
  • The updating e-mails would remain in the Drafts folder in Outlook 2007
  • The Unread Only filter would not work in the Notes-type folders
  • When encryption is enabled in Outlook, it is now ignored during creation of updating e-mail messages, allowing other users to process such e-mails without problems
  • Sometimes, the DynaZip error message would appear on the screen when receiving updates
  • Files placed into a synchronized folder on a disk were marked as unread in Outlook folder
  • Date and Duration in the duplicate notification form for calendar items were not shown in an appropriate format.

  • For more information please check out product documentation or version history
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