Major upgrade of Sync2PST with Windows 7 and Outlook 2010 support

Mrz 17, 2010

Versions 1.30/1.21:
  • Support of password-protected PST files added. Now Sync2PST prompts for a password to PST file before starting synchronization. The password can be saved by application and used automatically during synchronization.
  • Ability to enable/disable the start of the application when logging on to Windows added. The checkbox is now available on the "Options" tab in "Settings"
  • Windows 7 and Outlook 2010 Beta support. The product was fully tested on Windows 7 and updated to support the Outlook 2010 Beta.
  • The tooltip text in the "Status" area on the main form now displays details of the error occurred if the recent synchronization has failed
  • The sub-folder tree is expanded automatically now if a parent folder is marked for synchronization

  • Bugs Fixed:
  • In some cases items from a folder, newly added for synchronization, would be synchronized only after the 2nd attempt
  • Folders containing a back-slash symbol in their names would not be synchronized
  • In some cases, a folder marked for synchronization would not be created in another PST during synchronization
  • Items deleted in the "Deleted Items" folder would re-appear again during synchronization
  • In some cases, synchronization would not start according to schedule
  • Time values in auto-synchronization schedule settings were saved incorrectly in some cases
  • 24-hour format support is added in synchronization schedule settings
  • The application would not start, an error would appear on the screen informing that MSVBVM60.DLL was not found
  • If a Personal Folders root folder is checked for synchronization, but later unchecked with all sub-folders, some of the folders would automatically become checked again during synchronization
  • If for some reason the default PST could not be opened when the application started, a message would appear asking to open the found default PST again
  • In some cases, an error would occur informing about PST being inaccessible during the last synchronization attempt and displaying the path and name of another PST
  • If the scheduled synchronization failed, a message box with the error would display
  • When an item update was applied to the right PST, the status information would incorrectly display the text about the update in the left PST, instead of the right
  • The synchronization progress bar would sometimes jump randomly to 0%, 50% or 100% before applying the found changes
  • Seconds are not shown now in  the "Last synchronized on" text
  • "Last synchronized on" would show the Jan 1, 0001 date if synchronization is completed with all folders unchecked
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